Get creative and transform any surface into a chalkboard with Haymes Dabs Chalkboard paint.

There are many wonderful chalkboard paint ideas from creating a menu board to coating a table tennis table, keeping a To Do list or simply having a tool for family communication where there are various activities and commitments to keep up with.

Using black coloured chalkboard paint to create a simple blackboard is an effective way to add some organisation in an adult space or encourage creativity within a child’s playroom.

Hot tip: make sure you have a mat or wooden floorboards underneath, as chalk and carpet are not the best combination.

For Preparation:

1. Ensure the surface is free of all chalk dust, dirt and grease.

2. Glossy surfaces will need to be sanded flat to provide good adhesion.

3. On more porous substrates like concrete, hard wood or cement sheet, surfaces should be sealed and undercoated with a solvent based system.

4. Thorough sanding with fine paper should be carried out to minimise brush marks.

5. For best results use two coats of Haymes Dabs Chalkboard and allow 24 hours to dry.

Haymes Dabs Chalkboard paint dries to a smooth finish for easy cleaning. It is available in a 250ml can size and coverage is up to 16 square metres per litre depending on surface porosity and how it is applied. Haymes Chalkboard paint is also available in 500ml,1lt and 4lts.

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