The never-ending conundrum for most home renovators is the question of how to choose the right white paint for a space. With more shades being developed every day, choosing the right white paint can seem overwhelming. So, here are three steps to follow and simplify the process.

1. Always consider the lighting in the room or space. Does it get lots of natural light or minimal exposure? What is the artificial lighting like, (i.e. warm or cool globes)? What feel do you want the home to have? The same white can look very different in a dimly lit room compared with a room that gets a lot of light.

2. The undertone of a white is key in ensuring the best result. When choosing white paint for walls the best thing to do is collect samples first and consider them against your own environment and lighting and compare how they sit with other tones in your home. Once you have narrowed down what you like, a good trick is to compare the white with the white of paper so you can then really see any strong undertones you may not have initially picked up on.

3. Once you have narrowed it down to three or so whites you like, the best way to choosing a white paint is purchasing samples pots. Paint each pot onto a piece of card approximately 1m x 1m, then place the samples around the home, see how they appear in both natural and artificial light. Remember, colour changes dramatically throughout the course of the day and night. By now you should have eliminated any unwelcome undertones that will make the white seem wrong for your home and be free to discover your perfect white!

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